Where it all began!

Here I am, on a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon sipping on Apple Cidder and munching on the legendary House Fries in Doolally. Driven by the perfect combination of extreme contemplation, self-guilt and the result of watching 3 back to back self-motivational movies on Netflix all of Saturday, I have finally decided to go live with my travel, lifestyle and fashion blog aka THE MOODY TRAVELLER 🙂



Why so moody you say? Well travel for me has always been a very moody affair. My mood and of course money decides where I travel. The 2 very important M’s of life one might say. Retrospection from my travel days ironically has also taught me not to be moody enough to let it spoil my day or interaction with others.

Well enough of that, lets come to what you can expect from my blog posts! I promise to give you unfiltered content from my travels. Be it living with a family for months where not a single member speaks any of the languages I know or meeting 5 amazing souls from 5 different countries and spontaneously deciding to go on a 3 week trip with them across South America or learning the art of living a minimalistic life from a Bedouin in the middle of Sinai mountains on a bonfire night.


If you think 3am conversations are deep, meaningful and sometimes life changing? Well trust me it is even better when it is 2500 miles away from home, with a bunch of likeminded, non – judgmental travellers who have met just 24 hours before and not sure if they will meet each other ever again!


If you want to test the theory “Love knows no language”. Go out of your comfort zone, learn a new language and practice it with locals of the place, eat with them at their home, make friends who would never be a part of your life otherwise and the most important of all – help a friend or stranger knowing that they will never be able to repay the favor or you might never get a chance to meet them again.  I promise, you will come back a much better person. Feeling complete and content. And travel does not have to be overseas! The joy of meeting people in a small village in Europe is the same as meeting the local PaniPuri wala and visiting his home one day J PS- his son studies in one of the best management universities in USA. Hard work does pay off!

7 thoughts on “Where it all began!

  1. Hey girl, finally the travel blog we talked about last time has materialised! This is just the beginning…looking forward to read your myriad experiences of travelling internationally & nationally. As they say, better late than never, for you to start writing & for me to post this:)


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