Ditch the fear this new year!

It’s that time of the year again when all of us are looking forward to a fresh start. Be it a new fitness regime, new travel goals, a new project at work or even a new hobby to pursue. A new year brings that opportunity of a fresh start and even a new you! This post is dedicated to the different ways you can experiment with your look and hairstyle, hopefully something to get you even more excited for that next trip. With a hassle free and low maintenance hair style it is always easy to get ready in a jiffy without worrying much about packing and outfit matching. So lets ditch the fear of change and get into the long and short of it! ✂️

Long & layered, wavy or straight.<<<<
ost common of the hair cuts and also the most versatile to style. You can style it up or down as per the occasion or literally have a bed head and still look gorgeous with those long lustrous locks.

Accessories it, gel it backwards, tie a half bun, or just leave it open. Don’t forget to add that amazing smile of yours though😃

Photo courtesy- http://www.therighthairstyles.com

Photo courtesy-idiva.com

The retro bob and slanting bob. This retro cut made such a comeback in 2016/17 and surely here to stay! You can wear it poker straight or keep it slightly wavy like Beyoncé here! This cut screams power yet has a feminine touch to it. Give it some twist by colouring it or accessorising it with hair clips, bandanas or simply bling it up for a party ready look. Aim for natural short curls by NOT combing after a shower.

Photo courtesy- refinery29.com Photo courtesy – etonline.com

Pixie it up! Not for the faint hearted, but if you are looking for some radical change and a daring new look, this is could be it! The pixie is as bold as it gets and definitely brings more attention to that beautiful face and jawline.

Photo courtesy- rkomedia.net

Photo courtesy – cosmopolitan.com

Photo courtesy – hairstyleslife.com

Fringe benefits. A style that can potentially take off upto 10 years from your face. I call it the natural face lift! Goes perfectly well with both long and short hair cuts. Bangs or fringes have been around since the 60’s. It’s doing the rounds again and quite popular among the millennials. Celebs like Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid have given us serious hair style goals in 2017.

Photo courtesy- billboard.com

Photo courtesy- Pinterest.co.uk

Photo courtesy- vogue.co.uk

Photo courtesy- stylenoted.com

Life’s better blonde. Your hair is 90% of your selfie, it can make or break your appearance. Going blonde for majority of us who have that beautiful dusky Indian skin tone could be a risk. But if you are dead sure about going all the way like me, consult your hairstylist and find out what shade of blonde suits your skin tone and hair cut the best. Highlights of silver with blonde makes for the ultra glam look or you can also opt for a subdued version with bronde, a mix of brown and blonde. From Kim Kardashian, Rihanna to Bipasha Basu these dusky beauties have dared to go blonde rocked it and how!

Photo courtesy- arogundade.com

Photo courtesy- thesun.co.uk

Photo courtesy- harpersbazaar.com

Photo courtesy- Pinterest.com

And if you everything else seems too much of a task you can simply BRAID IT in different styles for a quick makeover!

But whatever style you choose, don’t forget to deep condition those locks before experimenting with the hair dos.

Here’s to looking good while travelling ✨💃

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