Getting back in shape 💪

After 2 years of procrastination and eating more carbs and fat than I should have, I finally decided in December 2017 enough is enough! It’s high time I get back in shape and get my energy levels high again. Also I wanted to have a head fast and start before everyone goes crazy with the New Year fitness resolutions and most end up giving in to usual habits by February. So I decided to stick to a healthy diet and started gymming 5 days a week from mid Dec 2017. Since then I not only feel healthy, more energetic but have lost around 6.5kgs over the last 3 months in a steady & healthy way. And it is fat loss, not muscle loss as I have lost inches in the right places.

Lost 6.5kgs, visibility toned arms, legs and back. Still working on my core & abs, it is the last place the body loses fat from.

With an occasional cheat day every 7 or 10 days it was quite easy to stick to my routine and diet. Most of the hurdles we believe in lines in our mind. In this blog post I am going to show some go to food that I snacked in every 2 or 3 hours. Which you can pack for munching at work instead of binging on cookies or chips. Also there is a healthy version of all the carb loaded fast food that we crave quite often.

2 or 3 Scrambled eggs with green tea or black coffee in the morning, after your morning walk or light stretching. At around 8am or your usual breakfast time.

After 2 hours you can snack on some freshly cut veggies like tomato, cucumber and carrots. Carry them to work so you don’t end up eating junk. Another cup of green tea along with this is good too!

For lunch I normally have hummus with pita bread or baked lavash and a tall glass of my protein shake which comes in 3 flavours of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. My personal favourite is vanilla. The protein from the hummus and shake keeps the body fuller for a longer time and reduces hunger pangs.

You can also have grilled fish or chicken with a side salad instead of the protein shake.

Evenings around 4 or 5pm is the worst time of the day when we feel a little sluggish and exhausted. That is when I keep a cheat pizza handy! Like in the picture, instead of the wheat base. I exchange that with eggs, toppings include onion, tomatoes, sweet corn, peri peri and oregano flakes with lots of red chilli flakes. An hour or 2 after that I end my day with a huge bowl of Chicken salad with boiled shredded chicken, lettuce, tomatoes , some pomegranate if you like a bit of sweet in your salty salad. With some olive oil sprayed and mix up nicely with pepper, salt and lemon to taste. It’s not only healthy but delicious!

It can feel like a task, hitting the gym after a long day at work. Unless you manage to wake up early before going to work and go for a run or hit the gym for a quick 30 mins of weight and cardio training, which most of us don’t find the time to with family and kids to look after. So, given below is a set of core strength training exercises that can be done at the comfort of your home and does not take up too much time either!

Core Strength Training – repeat each set thrice, 15 reps per set.

5 mins warm up – spot run or jog

– Push ups

– Squats with jump

– Jumping jacks

– Squats with 4 forward jumps

– Mountain climbing with hands on the floor (you can look this up on YouTube if you need help)

– Lunges

– Plank 1 min

– 2 mins fast run or spot jog

End with cool down, stretching and 10 reps of breathing exercise, inhale from nose and exhale from mouth.

So go ahead, go for a run and stock up on some healthy snacks.

PS- getting back in shape has also helped me get more ideas for writing, I feel inspired and much more in tune with my creative side. What we put in the body does effect our thought and mind.

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