Started my day with some core and lower body workout.

What a fantastic work out today! Feeling super energised and active 👊

A steady weight loss of 7kgs in 85 days. The key is patience and perseverance. Sometimes I get impatient and feel like giving in to the cravings or skipping a gym session. But have made up my mind to not let these distractions effect my daily routine.

Having my last meal of the day latest by 7pm and sleeping early has contributed to the overall fitness in a BIG way. Waking up at 5am automatically makes me sleepy at around 10pm, which is perfect because this way I don’t have to deal with my midnight hunger pangs or binge eating anymore!

I am a Bengali and a huge foodie! Being a food lover and a fitness enthusiast is a bit of a challenge. However I have found a solution to that! Whenever i feel like having anything fatty or carbs related. I simply order or make a yummy boiled chicken salad, or have cucumber & carrots with a hummus dip. It is not only delicious but healthy and rich in proteins. Places like Apple A Day, Flax, Healthie, Zesto or FreshMenu on Swiggy has made healthy ordering a dream come true!

Here’s the recipe for the Tangy Chicken Salad 👇

Boiled shredded chicken, onions, lettuce, kale, orange, pomegranate, and sweet chilly sauce. Preferably no salt. Go light on the sweet chilly sauce.

So to sum it up, here’s a quick check list to keep you on track for your fitness goals 💪 #WeCanDoIt

👉dinner by 7pm

👉sleep early

👉healthy & delicious alternatives to fatty and carb loaded food

👉wake up early

👉don’t miss the gym/run

👉be patient results will show on time

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